Morning Joe Baits Trump Over Speaking To The Most Glorious Way Possible

At this point, it is difficult to avoid news of a possible interview between special counsel Robert Mueller and President Donald rump. However, nearly to a man, Trump’s lawyers all advise him not to speak to Mueller as they all think he is too stupid and too much of a liar not to incriminate himself.

Today on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough used this information to bait Trump in the most glorious possible fashion. See, Scarborough knows that Trump watches his show religiously and he is guaranteed to see the segment.

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The MSNBC host also knows that with an ego the size of Trump’s that this type of bait will be nearly impossible to resist.


Trump’s attorneys are indeed advising him not to say a word to Mueller concerning the Russia investigation.

The New York Times reported that:

“…His lawyers are concerned that the president, who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself, could be charged with lying to investigators.”

It gets interesting because Trump maintains that he is more than willing to sit down with Mueller, even under oath. Mind you, an interview with Mueller would not be under oath, but it is still a crime to lie to a federal investigator.

And at this point, we all know Trump can’t tell the truth to save his life, and that includes the Morning Joe host who decided to do his part to try and get Trump to sit down across from Mueller and prove his lawyers right.

This morning, Scarborough planted a seed that is sure to set off Trump’s ego in the most glorious possible way.


Like most of America, it is easy to see that Trump is predictable enough when it comes to his ego and his pride. The news host used that this morning to plant a seed Trump will find hard to resist. Scarborough stated:

“He’s president of the United States. … And I think [New York Congressman] Lee Zeldin and other people who think the president is too stupid to talk to Bob Mueller should keep their opinion to themselves. And I think his lawyers — Donald Trump can speak for himself better than some pointy-headed lawyer.”

Then the MSNBC host went on to discuss two upcoming guests on the show and added that:

“They don’t think the president’s stupid like his own lawyers do. Why do the president’s lawyers think he’s too stupid [to talk to Mueller]?”

Suffice it to say, with Trump’s inflated ego, this could get very, very interesting.

Feature Image via YouTube Video.