Morning Joe: Firing of Sessions Makes Obstruction Case Against Trump A Slam Dunk

President Donald Trump’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been expected for months, but the way the president immediately replaced Sessions with a Republican political hack, Matt Whitaker, suggests that Trump is actively engaged in obstruction of justice, according to “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough.

During a discussion of Trump’s actions Thursday morning, co-host Mika Brzezinski noted that Democrats retaking the House in the midterm election freaked out Trump:

“The bottom line is, he lost big time yesterday. He hates losing. On top of it, Democrats have gained the power to basically ask him every question they finally want the answer to.”

Scarborough concurred, adding:

“Donald Trump was freaked out yesterday. Everybody could see how freaked out he was. It was embarrassing watching him fire Jeff Sessions.”

And that’s when Scarborough explained exactly why the sacking of Sessions gives Special Counsel Robert Mueller the strongest evidence yet that Trump has obstructed justice:

“(If) you’re Mueller, you’re putting together this obstruction of justice charge, and he has this hole in the puzzle. What can I put there? Oh, he fires the United States attorney general and appoints a hack, and may not have done that legally, to obstruct justice and stop this investigation.

“Boom — the puzzle’s complete.”

And even if Mueller is pushed out, Scarborough added, House Democrats still hold all the cards:

“If Donald Trump gets rid of Mueller, now the Democrats can hire him, he can now work for the House of Representatives and if they want to send all the information — they’re going to send it to the states. He thinks he’s going to stop his children, if they’ve done something wrong, from going to jail. They’ll just be in state jail instead of the federal penitentiary.

“By the way, no pardoning if any of these people are sent to state jail.”

Mueller and the soon-to-be seated Democratic majority in the House of Representatives have Donald Trump in checkmate. He has no way out other than resignation, and even that won’t save him or his family from being charged with serious crimes.

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