Morning Joe laughs at Trump for his endless whining about the Mueller report that ‘exonerated’ him

According to President Donald Trump, the Mueller report which was released last week totally exonerates him and proves he did nothing wrong as it relates to the 2016 election or the investigation he repeatedly tried to destroy over the past 22 months.

But as MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi noted Monday on “Morning Joe,” the president’s angry tweets over the weekend suggest he’s still very worried about the evidence presented by the special counsel.

On Easter morning, Trump sent out this cheery tweet:

But just a couple of hours later, this appeared on the president’s Twitter feed:

So what gives? If Trump thinks he was exonerated and all is well, why does he keep trying to defend himself? Brzezinski wondered that, too, remarking:

“Happy people always tell you how happy they are, much like smart people who always tell you (how smart they are).”

That led Scarborough to note:

“Despite the president as angry as he was, both the president and his aides want to tell you that they’re happy. I think this shows resilience, and I think it shows the sort of can-do attitude needs to have even after one has been found guilty in a report of possibly obstructing justice. They couldn’t even clear him, which makes me sad.”

Everything’s just great at the White House, according to administration officials. And yet, their boss is sending out crap that certainly sounds like something a caged animal would say if it could talk:

Yeah, he sounds exonerated, doesn’t he?

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