Morning Joe reveals the reason Trump’s ‘evil deeds’ are finally coming to light

With news that Rudy Giuliani, who has served as President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, is under criminal investigation, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough noted Monday morning that the president’s “evil deeds” are being exposed because members of Trump’s inner circle are terrified of going to jail:

“Wait, another lawyer of Donald Trump’s now being investigated? God, why is it that everybody around him ends up in jail? Is that a coincidence? Because it’s unbelievable, seriously, and his lawyers end up in jail. His fixers end up in jail. Wow! At least he’s got that U.S. ambassador behind him.”

“That U.S. ambassador” would be EU ambassador Gordon Sondland, who is expected to tell Congress that Trump personally instructed him to say there was no quid pro quo linking military aid to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Scarborough continued:

“It’s just remarkable, this guy is making Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. You have Donald Trump’s campaign manager in jail, will probably be there for the rest his life. His first national security adviser admitted to breaking the law, committing a felony. I mean, you can go down the list, his foreign affairs person, his lawyer, his longtime lawyer, personal fixer in jail, and now here’s Rudy Giuliani under investigation, and it does not look good for Rudy and for the president who, yet again, has another one of his surrogates in big legal trouble.”

Just like in Watergate, Scarborough recalled, eventually all of Nixon’s actions were laid bare for the world to see. The MSNBC host predicted the same will prove true this time, too:

“Here, this is a story that he’s already admitted to in front of a bank of cameras that, yes, he’s trying to get China, he’s trying to get Ukraine, he’s trying to get foreign countries, trying to get them to meddle with American elections. You see these numbers skyrocketing. This is something that he may desperately try to blame the press or Democrats, but it looks like Americans are on to him.

“Because people don’t want to end to up in jail. They’ve seen the history of Watergate, they don’t want to be a part of it this time.”

But will Trump choose to resign before he’s impeached, or will he risk being the first president to ever be booted from office by Congress?

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