Morning Joe rips ‘sycophantic toady’ Tom Cotton for sucking up to Trump after embarrassing G7 trip


President Donald Trump’s performance at the G7 summit in France was embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassing as Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) sucking up to him, which is why Morning Joe shamed him on Tuesday.

Cotton spent his time this weekend trying to defend Trump’s obsession with buying Greenland even though it’s not for sale, all while ignoring the Amazon burning and ignoring Trump’s defense of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

“His performance this weekend was just extraordinarily unmoored — worse than ever,” Joe Scarborough began after playing a clip of Trump’s madness. “I think everybody agrees Donald Trump is getting worse.”

“Bizarre statements through the weekend, a bizarre defense of Vladimir Putin — just a bizarre obsession,” Scarborough continued. “It’s really sad and emasculating that Donald Trump is so obsessed with Barack Obama. It makes him look so, so small but that obsession continued as he attacked a former president while defending an ex-KGB agent.”

Scarborough then took aim at Cotton.

“What are our allies to think of it, and how in the hell can Republicans watch him promoting Doral on the world stage, a property that is collapsing, and do little more than write op-eds saying ‘you know Donald Trump is right about purchasing Greenland’?”

Morning Joe panelist John Heilemann agreed and proceeded to humiliate Cotton.

“It’s so sad to watch a United States Senator sucking up to the president in such a ridiculous way,” he said. “I believe the words are sycophantic toady. But look, the thing to focus on, because Trump’s performance was quintessentially Trump and the Republican reaction is quintessentially Republican, in the sense they ignore what he’s doing. They suck up to him. They have given up any pretense of having a position that’s not completely in his pocket.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Cotton and his Republican colleagues refuse to act as a check on Trump, a position that cost them the House of Representatives in 2018, and one that should cost them the Senate in 2020. Our country can’t afford to allow this circus to go on any longer.

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