MSNBC guest explains why Nancy Pelosi is a master at driving Trump mad


President Donald Trump is incapable of going toe-to-toe with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and New York University associate professor Christina Beltran explained why on Saturday morning on MSNBC.

Earlier this week, Pelosi accused Trump of being “engaged in a cover-up” as he continues to flout Congress’ oversight authority.

Just hours later, Trump stormed out of a scheduled meeting with Democratic leaders and threw a hissy fit in the Rose Garden during a clearly staged press conference, and is refusing to work on policy.

Trump would also go on to share a doctored video of Pelosi making it seem like she is slurring her words.

Once again, Pelosi got the better of Trump, coming off looking like a master of political craftsmanship while Trump looks like an unstable toddler.

Pelosi has repeatedly demonstrated her superiority to Trump on several occasions. First, when she forced him to cancel the State of the Union speech until after the government shutdown. And again when he caved on his government shutdown with getting anything he demanded.

At every turn, Pelosi has demonstrated that she’s the adult in the room while Trump is nothing more than a petulant child she has had to put over her knee.

For a man who likes to think he’s the ultimate alpha male, it’s clearly embarrassing, as Beltran explained.

“He traffics in the politics of domination,” she said. “That is why he needed his staff to do this embarrassing authoritarian performance of obsequiousness to him and say I’m very calm or very — so that was just like humiliating and embarrassing.”

“And I think it drives him crazy that Nancy Pelosi continues to win the media cycle, again and again,” she continued. “And part of it, despite his comments of she’s crazy, what America is seeing, he’s not in control of himself. And he lacks impulse control in a pretty complete way.”

“And so watching somebody who lacks control of himself always calls his sort of function — sort of his, not exactly sanity, but his abilities into question,” she concluded. “And so I think that that is something that is continually being at play here.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

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