Mueller May Be Using Every Trump Lie To Nail Him For Obstruction Of Justice


A single line included in his court filing on Friday suggests Special Counsel Robert Mueller is using all of President Donald Trump’s lies to show a pattern that will prove obstruction of justice.

The bombshell court filing identified Trump as “Individual 1” and named him as an unindicted co-conspirator for coordinating with and directing his former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen to commit two felonies.

But a line in the filing could prove particularly terrifying for Trump considering his history of lying to the American people over the last two years.

As it turns out, Mueller cited Cohen’s repeated “lies to the public” to show that he shifted the timeline of Russian interference in the 2016 Election in an effort to limit the investigation, as MSNBC legal analyst Matthew Miller pointed out on Twitter.

The reason why this should terrify Trump is that he has also told multiple lies in order to undermine the probe, and many of them are on his Twitter feed for all to see. In fact, Trump has told over 6,000 lies since taking office, and Mueller could use every last one of them to demonstrate a pattern that a grand jury could see as proof Trump obstructed justice.

For instance, Trump has repeatedly claimed that he has no ties to Russia.

But that’s exactly what Cohen lied to Congress about since Trump had been negotiating to build a Trump property in Moscow all the way through June 2016, and not January 2016 as Cohen claimed, and all at Trump’s direction.

Trump has literally tweeted about the Russia investigation hundreds of times and Mueller likely has every single one of them on record, including Trump’s admission that his campaign met with Russian agents inside Trump Tower to get “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

So, Trump has only been digging himself a deeper hole this whole time and now Mueller is about to drop him in it and bury him. And Trump only has himself to blame.


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