Nancy Pelosi explains why Democrats will win in 2020, and Republicans should be scared


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is more confident going into the 2020 Election season than she has been in the past. That’s because this time she has way more experience and smells blood in the water on the Republican side.

The 2018 midterm election saw Democrats retake the House by a landslide and she was soon elevated to the Speakership for the second time in her political career. In just her first month on the job, Pelosi forced President Donald Trump to cave on his government shutdown and forced him to cancel his State of the Union Address after he tried to bully her into letting him deliver it.

Her resolve earned her renewed respect among Democrats and Republicans, and she intends to use her power more efficiently this time around in order to crush Republicans in 2020, when the White House and the Senate are both up for grabs. Of course, Democrats have to protect their majority in the House, too. But Pelosi has it covered.

“I’m going to have our races won by this November,” she boldly claimed during an interview with the Washington Post this week.

Last time she held the Speaker’s gavel, Pelosi failed to play a public role to fight back against Republican attacks on Obamacare, and she freely admits it.

“I was in this office, but I didn’t — I didn’t — relish being speaker. I relished the power of legislative accomplishments,” she said. “I didn’t see a public role.”

As a result, Republicans were able to demonize Democrats and Obamacare, thus allowing them to take back the House in 2010.

Not this time, Pelosi says.

“You cannot let your opponents characterize — mischaracterize — what you’re about,” Pelosi said. “So, what was missing from that was a strong messaging piece, and that’s what we had in this last election.”

Indeed, Democrats rallied around healthcare just as they are doing now while Trump and the Republicans continue floundering on the issue, preferring to continue waging war on an increasingly popular Obamacare while having no plan to replace it. Meanwhile, Democrats are calling for universal healthcare.

In fact, Trump’s new assault on Obamacare has Republican strategists terrified.

And they should be even more scared, Pelosi warned, because they are going to be outgunned long before November 2020 gets here. She even advised Republicans to start looking for other jobs now.

“We fully intend to win this election, and some of you are vulnerable,” she said. “It’s going to cost you millions of dollars, to win or lose. And if you win — say you win — you’re in the minority, probably want to teach at the university. So we get the A-team, and they get the retirements. That’s my plan.”

That being said, Americans still need to get out and vote on November 3, 2020. Pelosi is confident and she should be, but voters cannot take anything for granted. Doing that in 2016 is why Trump is in the Oval Office and why our country is being destroyed from the inside out. It is crucial to give Democrats every single vote possible so that Pelosi’s prediction becomes reality. If what happened in 2018 happens in 2020, Republicans are screwed.

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