Naval War College Professor Compares Trump To Desperate Dictator In Response To Rage Tweets


President Donald Trump’s massive Twitter tantrum on Saturday morning drew a brutal response from Naval War College professor Tom Nichols.

In a meltdown responding to reports revealing the FBI opened an investigation into him out of suspicion that he is working for Russia after he fired former FBI Director James Comey in May 2017, Trump lashed out at the New York Times, Comey, Hillary Clinton and Special Counsel Robert Mueller before insisting that he has been “tougher on Russia” than past presidents.

Nichols, an expert on Russia and a noted conservative, wasted no time in debunking Trump’s claim that he’s somehow tough on Russia.

Nichols then ridiculed Trump’s pathetic tirade, comparing him to a dictator under siege in a banana republic.

The professor also weighed in on Trump’s attack against the Washington Post for reporting that the White House is in chaos as the government shutdown drags on into it’s 22nd day, which is a record.

Nichols has been a frequent critic of Trump, most recently slamming him for repeatedly insulting our military leaders in a column for The Atlantic in which he wrote:

“It is fundamentally anti-American to disparage the courage and ability of senior military leaders merely because they are exercising their First Amendment rights on return to civilian life…No modern president has been so reckless in his criticism of both active and retired military professionals.”

Clearly, Trump knows that the rule of law is closing in on him, so he is panicking and throwing tantrums in a desperate and pathetic effort to undermine our legal system and institutions in order to evade justice. That kind of behavior may work in a banana republic but it’s not working here.

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