Nervous Trump Whines Mueller Hasn’t Spoken With Staffers Who Didn’t Collude With Russia

Trump Mueller

Based on two tweets he posted Monday morning, President Donald Trump sounds incredibly worried about what will happen next in the ongoing probe into the 2016 election being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In what sounds almost like an admission of personal guilt, Trump complained that the special counsel hasn’t yet interviewed members of the 2016 campaign who “never met, saw or spoke to a Russian,” although the president doesn’t include himself in that group of people and since he’s already responded to questions from Mueller, seems to be suggesting that he and others did indeed collude with Russia:

Here’s the problem with Trump’s deeply flawed logic: Mueller has no reason to interview those who had no connection to the conspiracy being investigated. To do so would be akin to questioning a person who didn’t witness a crime and lived thousands of miles from the scene of the incident.

Social media users were eager to remind the president that he sounds terrified and oh so guilty:

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