New poll shows Wisconsin voters reject Trump’s agenda wholesale


President Donald Trump narrowly won Wisconsin in 2016 by 23,000 votes, but a new poll shows that voters in the state now totally reject his agenda and he is losing to former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) in potential 2020 Election match-ups.

Trump’s poll numbers have been disastrously sinking across the country for months as his policies continue to hurt the United States more and more. In particularly, his immigration policies and the trade war with China are found to be especially odious to a majority of Wisconsin voters, resulting in him losing to the top Democrats in the presidential field.

A Marquette Law School poll shows Trump trailing Biden 51-42 and Sanders 48-44. In addition, he is tied with rising star Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), not a good scenario for an incumbent president.

Needless to say, Democratic voters overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump and oppose his immigration and trade policies. But he’s losing independents as well, which is a recipe for electoral humiliation.

The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent wrote about the poll on Wednesday, and it’s not good news for Trump at all.

“On immigration, the poll finds that 65 percent of Wisconsin voters think ‘having an increasing number of people of many different races, ethnic groups and nationalities in the United States makes this country a better place to live,’” he wrote.

Trump’s detention camps and inhumane treatment of migrant children clearly outrages Wisconsinites.

They don’t feel any better about his trade war either, especially since it is devastating the agriculture and manufacturing sectors of the state’s economy.

“On trade, the poll finds that among Wisconsin voters, only 30 percent say tariffs help the economy, while 46 percent say they hurt, and another 17 percent say they don’t make much difference — putting a solid majority in the camp that says they hurt or do nothing,” Sargent wrote. “Among pure independents … 47 percent say the tariffs hurt, while only 34 percent say they help.”

Sargent concluded by pointing out that Trump’s nationalism has backfired and it could cost him a crucial state he needs to win if he wants to avoid defeat.

“Now that this nationalism has collided with reality, it looks as if it isn’t playing as well as he might have hoped — right in a state that is thought of as the heart of Trump country,” he concluded.

Again, Trump barely won Wisconsin in 2016, and that’s mostly because Hillary Clinton did not bother to visit the state as much as she should have. She took the state for granted because of its progressive history. The next Democratic nominee should not make the same mistake. Going to Wisconsin to highlight how Trump’s agenda hurts the people there would go a long way towards putting the state back in the blue column. But as long as Trump keeps up his destructive agenda of hate and incompetence, he’ll continue to be underwater there.

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