New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasts Trump for bragging about hurting state with tax law


President Donald Trump messed with the wrong state on Monday when he attacked New York for investigating the NRA and bragged about hurting the state with his tax law, because Governor Andrew Cuomo took him to the woodshed for it on Tuesday morning.

The New York Attorney General is currently investigating the NRA as it faces financial collapse amid internal turmoil. And Trump decided to step in and defend the NRA by trying to delegitimize an official investigation on Twitter while gloating about raising taxes on New Yorkers by ending state and local tax (SALT) deductions.

On Tuesday, Cuomo didn’t hold back when he responded on CNN, first by defending the probe.

“The investigation by the attorney general is what it is. The attorney general is independently elected, and she is elected in this state to enforce the law,” Cuomo said “The NRA is originally chartered in this state. It’s a not-for-profit organization. So she has jurisdiction, and she believes there may have been illegal activity — and she is pursuing that case.”

“The attorney general enforces the law,” he continued. “If you break the law, you answer to the attorney general and other criminal law enforcement people in New York. We don’t use the criminal justice apparatus to play politics.”

He then slammed Trump for being scared of the NRA.

“The president of the United States, for all his bluster, is afraid of the NRA,” he said. “It is that simple. We know it’s that simple. The NRA has been a strong political force for many, many years. They’re threatening. They have money. They mobilize people.”

He concluded by laying into Trump’s tax remarks.

“The president is divorced from facts,” he said. “You can run him the tape of the shows I’ve done with you, talking about SALT! For him to now say, well, New York should have fought harder to stop SALT, he was the one who proposed it! Why would you have assaulted the state of New York with a tax reform policy that raised our taxes? This is pure politics.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

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