NFL team slammed for giving black kid a lawnmower instead of a scholarship

The Carolina Panthers thought they’d help a young African-American child who trying to save money so he can afford college. But what they did has brought unwanted attention to the NFL team.

Over the weekend, the Panthers posted a video of Jaylin Clyburn mowing lawns as a way to raise funds for his education fund. A voice-over intones:

“We needed his expertise so we brought him to Charlotte.”

Clyburn is shown being told by a team official that Lowe’s has agreed to donate a lawnmower to him on behalf of the Panthers.

Shortly before the video concludes, Clyburn is made an “official member” of the team’s grounds crew.

Here’s the video:

Social media quickly lit up with scorn for the Panthers, reminding them they could have paid for a scholarship if they hadn’t been so cheap:

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