Nixon Foundation distances itself from Roger Stone coffee boy style

Stone Nixon

Roger Stone’s involvement in President Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is so bad that even the Nixon Foundation wants nothing to do with him, going to desperate lengths to portray him as merely a coffee boy the way Trump tried to characterize George Papadopoulos when he got busted by the FBI.

The FBI arrested Stone on Friday morning in a surprise raid after Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted him on seven charges, including obstruction of justice, witness tampering and lying to Congress about his communications with Wikileaks, which Russia used to make Hillary Clinton’s emails public in an effort to undermine her campaign during the 2016 Election.

Upon exiting the courthouse in Florida, Stone went full Nixon by raising his arms and flashing peace signs with his hands as if to say ‘I’m not a crook.’

But the man with a Nixon tattoo on his back is so embarrassing that the Nixon Foundation tried to distance itself from him later that same day on Twitter by using a version of the “coffee boy” defense Trump and his advisers have used to distance themselves from George Papadopoulos:

Of course, the Twitterverse wasn’t buying it.

Seriously, the Nixon Foundation should have just said nothing, but Stone is apparently so much of a crook that even they want no part of him. After all, Nixon may have been a crook, but he never sold America out to the Russians. Frankly, as one Twitter user observed, the Nixon Foundation should be happy.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot