North Carolina Republican Under Investigation For Committing Election Fraud To Win House Race

election fraud

Republicans have repeatedly accused Democrats of election and voter fraud, but a North Carolina Republican candidate is actually being investigated for committing it to win his House race last month.

The 9th District in North Carolina seemed to have elected GOP candidate Mark Harris over his Democratic opponent Dan McCready on November 6th. But the State Board of Elections and Ethics Reform refused to certify the results this week after voting irregularities were discovered in Bladen County, where numerous residents have filed affidavits claiming that their votes were tampered with or destroyed by people posing as ballot collectors.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

Bladen County had the highest percentage of absentee ballot requests in the state. There, 7.5 percent of registered voters requested absentee ballots. In most counties it was less than 3 percent.

An analysis by Catawba College political scientist Michael Bitzer suggested more aberrations.

In seven of the eight counties in the 9th District, for example, McCready won a lopsided majority of the mailed-in absentee ballots. But not in Bladen County. There, Republican Mark Harris won 61 percent even though registered Republicans accounted for only 19 percent of the county’s accepted absentee ballots.

Unaffiliated voters accounted for 39 percent. Bitzer said Harris’ margin “could potentially come from all those unaffiliated voters.”

“But to have each and every one of those unaffiliated voters vote Republican, that’s pretty astonishing,” he added. “If that’s the case, there’s a very concerted effort to use that method to one candidate’s advantage. . . . But at that level there’s something else beyond a concerted effort that could be at work.”

Harris’s campaign allegedly sent campaign workers door to door to collect absentee ballots, destroying those that did not help their candidate or filling them in themselves to make sure that vote would count for Harris.

If proven, the allegations would call into question other races won by Republicans, especially in states such as Florida and Georgia, where similar accusations of voter suppression and election fraud have been leveled against Republicans. It could also lead to Democrats capturing yet another House seat as part of the blue wave.

CNN’s Jeff Yang explained the situation on Twitter.

It sounds like Harris stole this election from his Republican primary opponent and his Democratic general election opponent using a dirty strategy to confuse and pressure absentee voters, many of whom are elderly, into handing over their ballots so he could rig the race.

Of course, Republicans are not going to cry foul about the alleged election fraud they themselves are committing. President Donald Trump will especially ignore it because he would rather falsely accuse Democrats of election fraud instead of admitting that a member of his own party could be guilty of actually committing it.


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