Twitter Smashes New ‘Socialist Tear’ NRA Ad (Video)


The National Rifle Association published a controversial new ad on Youtube this week. It’s needlessly violent and doesn’t present much of a message. Here’s a summary.

A man wearing a t-shirt printed with a blue teardrop with the saying, “Socialist Tear,” holds a sledgehammer in front of a television. The man is white, which is exactly what the nation learned to expect from the NRA.

The television behind him plays clips from various TV shows and media criticizing President Donald Trump and the NRA. As the sound builds, the man becomes angrier, until he reaches a breaking point and smashes the TV, knocking it to the ground.

The NRA, so concerned with socialist “snowflakes,” apparently can’t handle when the media doesn’t show enough respect for the president. The NRA also can’t handle logical deconstructions of the founding principals of an organization that it could be argued is responsible for the inability of state and federal governments to prevent incredible frequency at which mass shootings occur in the United States.

And so, the NRA snowflake decides to smash the television. And what is the message here, really? Smash dissent? Does the NRA wish to promote violence against those who seek to highlight propaganda?

The public isn’t quite sure. And the fiery responses to the ad from Twitter users across the country are probably not what the organization was hoping for.

Some of the gems include:

“Gonna own the libs by [adjusts safety goggles] destroying my own property” – @firescotch

“National sledgehammer organization: At least be consistent to your message and use a shotgun ffs!” – @RoguePaddington

“Do the NRA snowflakes need a safe space so big bad words won’t hurt their little feelings?” – @TheGreatPinto

Note: according to Huffington Post, the man in the video is right-wing radio host Greg Stinchfield, who is known for some misguided comments last year involving a suggestion that North Korea should drop a bomb on Sacramento, California.

Only the best from the NRA!

Featured Image Via Youtube Video Screenshot.