Obama’s Solicitor General grades Whitaker’s testimony and totally fails him


Former solicitor general Neal Katyal and many other legal experts gave acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker a giant “F” for his testimony to the House Judiciary Committee on Friday.

During his testimony, Whitaker repeatedly dodged question after question, even going so far as to try running out the clock so time would run out after a member of the committee began asking questions. At several points during the hearing, things got heated, partly because Republicans whined about the hearing and because Whitaker had no clue what he was doing, which is not what the American people expect from the person who heads the Justice Department.

Appearing on MSNBC with Ari Melber on Friday night, Katyal weighed in after being asked what his takeaways were, and Whitaker is going to wish he had a mulligan.

“Two remarkable things,” Katyal began. “One, the preposterousness of this man being the Attorney General of the United States. We saw someone who is so unqualified, he shouldn’t be the Attorney General of 30 Rock. A 7th grader would have done a better job, a more respectful job than what he did. It was arrogant, it was irresponsible and it really calls into question the president’s judgment for putting this man at the head of the hallowed Department of Justice.”

“I did two tours there, and you know, I would be, if someone asked me to be acting Attorney General, I would be like, “No, I don’t think I’m ready,’” he concluded. “Literally anyone is ready compared to this guy — it was a grave, grave thing.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

That’s a brutal evaluation, but an evaluation that was echoed by other former federal prosecutors and legal experts earlier in the day as Whitaker’s disastrous hearing unfolded like a slow-motion car crash.

Former Government Ethics Office chief Walter Shaub:

Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah:

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe:

Former FBI Special Agent Josh Campbell:

National Security expert Sam Vinograd:

Former DOJ attorney and MSNBC justice analyst Matthew Miller:

And former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance:

After having previously refused to appear before the committee, Whitaker embarrassed himself, the Justice Department and the nation after pressure from Democratic lawmakers forced him to face the music, and he fell flat. And President Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself and held accountable for putting him in this once proud office.

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