Obama’s WH Photographer Trolls Trump’s Time Cover Claims


Former White House photographer Pete Souza had the most epic response to Donald Trump Twitter spat with Time Magazine.

Earlier this week, Trump claimed that the Magazine contacted him to inform him that he will probably be their “Person of the Year.” Trump then claimed that he turned them down.

It didn’t take long for Time Magazine to squash Trump’s lie.

Trump is absolutely obsessed with being on the cover of magazines. In fact, he even has a fake Time Magazine cover featuring himself hanging up at one of his golf resorts. He has also bragged about the number of times he has been on the real cover of the magazine.

President Obama’s official White House Photographer Pete Souza piled on Trump over the little feud and posted 15 of the covers Obama and his family members have been featured on.

If Trump is furious about that, he’ll really explode in rage once he discovers that President Obama has been on more Time covers than him.

According to the Time Store, Obama has been featured on 21 covers, while Trump has only been featured on a mere 14.

So, Pete Souza is right. Trump does have a lot of catching up to do.