Ocasio-Cortez fights for justice in epic Women’s March speech


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) brought her fighting spirit with her to the 3rd annual Women’s March on Saturday and delivered a speech about justice that proves once again that she belongs in Congress.

The freshman Democratic lawmaker has been a nightmare for Republicans ever since she stepped on the public stage, and she just finished delivering her first House floor speech earlier this week, only to travel back to New York for the Women’s March, where she treated the people she fights for with remarks noting that the date of the march is the day before Martin Luther King Day.

“I believe that this moment and where we are right now is a resurgence from where the civil rights movement left off,” she began. “And we are here to carry the torch forward. Because when we talked about racial and economic justice, racial and social justice, we started to really extend those issues to the issues of economic justice, environmental justice and the intersectionality and interconnectedness of all our fights.”

“Justice is not a concept we read about in a book,” she continued. “Justice is about the water we drink, justice is about the air we breathe, justice is about how easy it is to vote, justice is about how much ladies get paid. Justice is about making sure that being polite is not the same thing as being quiet.”

“In fact, often times the most righteous thing you can do is shake the table,” she thundered, going on to remind the people in attendance that they took back the House of Representatives and urged them to continue fighting until they have taken back the Senate and White House in 2020.

“That’s what we’re gonna do because we need to advance and fight for an America where all people are welcome and no people are left behind,” she concluded. “Because this is not just about identity, this is about justice and this is about the America we are going to bring into this world.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Ocasio-Cortez strikes fear into the hearts of conservatives around the nation, who have been freaking out ever since before Election Day because she’s a Democratic Socialist who believes in higher taxes on the wealthy and regulating Wall Street to prevent economic disasters and economic inequality.

If it’s not clear to Americans by now that this woman is on their side, it should be after this speech. This is the kind of unifying speech that the people need from their public servants. This is what the future of American politics looks like.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot