Ocasio-Cortez has a perfect response for GOP fundraisers who are causing their radical ‘base’ to get jailed (because gas-lighting works)

Ocasio-Cortez. Screen capture by Fox 10 Phoenix via YouTube video

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is getting even more deaths threats after Ohio Republicans ramped up their rhetoric against her in a new fundraising email that refers to her as a “domestic terrorist.”

The freshman congresswoman is the new right-wing boogeyman they can’t stop obsessing over. And it’s apparently not enough to attack her over her policies and her performance as a lawmaker, Republicans apparently now have to go so far as to label her a “domestic terrorist” as part of their effort to scare voters into giving them money, which is what Ohio College Republicans did this week according to reporter Dave Levinthal.

After the offensive heading, the email goes on to claim that students are being “brainwashed” to “hate America and capitalism” and asks people to donate money so they can fight “social justice warriors” and spread President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Ever since Ocasio-Cortez took office in January, her office has been flooded with phone calls threatening her and her staffers, which she has reported to Capitol Police.

In response to the reporting on the fundraising email, Ocasio-Cortez revealed that people have been arrested for threatening her and demanded to know what it will take before Republicans stop demonizing her.

Republicans only seem to be escalating their rhetoric against Ocasio-Cortez, who is a champion for working Americans and a supporter of policies Americans overwhelmingly back, such as universal healthcare and the Green New Deal. At some point, a conservative nut job is going to make an attempt on her life because they wrongly believe she is a “domestic terrorist,” a term that should be reserved for school shooters or white nationalists who send bombs to various Democratic lawmakers or Coast Guard members who plot the assassination of lawmakers who disagree with Trump.

Ohio Republicans are inciting death threats and violence against Ocasio-Cortez and others in an effort to scare people into giving them money, and that should result in criminal consequences. We live in a nation where anyone can get a gun and where a small group of voters will believe anything their conservative lawmaker or media outlet tells them. That’s a dangerous combination that puts people in serious danger. And Republicans should have to answer for it.

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