Ohio voter schools Fox & Friends host on income inequality and taxing the rich

The gang over at Fox News thinks it’s grand that the rich are getting richer while paying less than ever in taxes, but one Fox host got a lesson in how voters feel about the subject during a broadcast Wednesday morning.

Discussing Tuesday evening’s Democratic presidential debate, “Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth asked a voter at a diner in Columbus, Ohio, about his thoughts on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s plan to increase taxes on the wealthy. That led a man named Bill to respond:

“I think she makes a lot of sense. You know, when she brought up that billionaires and taxing them after about $50 million, two cents of every dollar that they’ve made after, it’s nothing to them, and it would help so many people here.”

Bill then added:

“I mean, we could build our infrastructure, the schools, colleges — we could do so (many things) with that. Most people would think two cents of every dollar, what is that? A drop in the bucket? But it’s millions, billions of dollars. These 3 percent of the people that we have that own almost half of what we are worth in the United States is just deplorable.”

That led Hegseth to ask if Bill thought Warren’s tax plan might cause wealthy Americans to leave the country. But Bill was more than ready for the question, responding:

“It seems to me like, if I remember correctly, back in the 1960s and 1970s, that if you were a millionaire, your taxes were awfully high. I think it was in that range 50, 60, 70 percent — nobody bitched about it then, still made lots of billionaires. I think once you get past a couple of million dollars, you got all the money you need. How about giving some of that to the people who worked for a living that can’t make it?”

A clearly uncomfortable Hegseth said he wasn’t sure such a plan was a wise campaign strategy for Warren and then turned to a server in the diner for her thoughts on the debate. She too was ready for the Fox host, telling him:

“I really liked Elizabeth Warren, as well.”

It looks like voters are sick and tired of the rich getting richer while the rest of us struggle. That alone suggests that the ground is collapsing underneath the GOP’s favorite bromide — tax cuts and more tax cuts — as 2020 approaches.

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