Old Evidence Surfaces – Points To Pence’s True Character

An explosive report from The Atlantic revealed many shocking things about Mike Pence. Today, Fox News is focusing on one of the minor stories in that report, that Pence ratted out his fraternity for owning kegs of beer. It might prove something: Pence has always been an asshole. It might also have implications for today that Fox avoided pointing out overtly.

It’s surprising Fox would draw attention to the report at all, considering they publish stories with titles like “Why Mike Pence is the most important man in America” even as Trump occupies the White House.

Yet they did bring attention to The Atlantic’s report, which, it must be said, means they read it and thought it credible enough to cite in their fluff character piece on Pence in his fraternity days.

While Pence was a sophomore at Hanover College in Indiana, he assimilated so well to the drunken beer keg culture of his frat that he was elected president, serving as the straight-laced arbitrator for the fraternity when they got into hot water for getting too rowdy. It was apparently customary for that arbitrator to take the fall and say the prerequisite beer kegs belonged to them personally if the kegs were discovered by the college staff.

A former Phi Gamma Delta member, Dan Murphy, recalled the scene as reminiscent of the movie “Animal House,” with wild toga parties being the norm.

Picturing Mike Pence in a frat house is amusing because we know today that he is such a prude, or believes himself to have so little self-control, that he refuses to be in rooms alone with women other than his wife.

Another Atlantic report showcases that peculiar “suffocating habit,” saying his “dudely dinners” actually hurts women in the end.

But back to the frat house story: When the frat brothers heard the associate dean was headed to their house while a rowdy kegger was in full effect, Pence was sent as the usual fall-guy/square peg to get the door. Rather than take the fall, Pence directed the dean to the kegs instead and admitted they belonged to the whole fraternity. He essentially ratted them out, deciding that taking the blame for the frat shenanigans wasn’t in his own interest.

The fraternity was then punished as a whole, and Pence’s frat brother recalled:

“They really raked us over the coals. The whole house was locked down.”

Though some frat brothers were furious that Pence tattled on them, Pence was opportunistic enough to develop a relationship with the college administration, which landed him a job in the admissions office.

Fox News wraps up their story by noting that Pence’s frat saw him as one day becoming president of the United States. How interesting…

One lesson that the Pence frat story tells us, that is clearly avoided by Fox, as well as a host of other more scandalous things, is that Pence was chosen as president to take the fall for the bad behavior of the frat. If that doesn’t sound like Pence today, then what does? Pence was cherry-picked by Trump as the foil for his own horrendous behavior.

The story also shows that Pence is perfectly willing to sell out his friends if it comes to that, so watch out Trump!

The Atlantic article develops a much more complete picture that tells us that Pence is not just a blissfully ignorant man without his own ruthless ambitions for power. He is opportunistic and ready to seize power when he can, even reportedly offering to stage a coup when Trump’s notorious Access Hollywood tape hit the media. The tape featured Trump essentially bragging about sexual assault. That deeply offended Pence and his wife, and Pence allegedly tried to oust Trump on the ballot as a result.

Thanks to Fox for pointing out The Atlantic article to your conservative base. However, it’s not just the frat house story that tells us all about who Mike Pence really is.

Will Pence rat on Trump too? Time will tell…

See how easy it is to picture Mike Pence in the Animal House scene below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube.