OOPS: Colorado GOP Admits That Republicans Hate Poor People

poor people

Republicans are often accused of hating poor people. But it becomes pretty clear that they do when they openly admit to it, just as a group of Colorado Republicans did on Twitter this week.

In what has to be one of the biggest social media blunders Republicans have ever committed, the Alamosa County Republican Party literally said that “Republicans hate poor people” and said people should have “self-respect” by being a Republican.

“Out of self-respect–be Republican. Democrats love poor people because they think that poor people will vote Democrat. Republicans hate poor people because they think the dignity of man is above being poor.”

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet via Newsweek since the post has since been deleted.

Predictably, backlash ensued. And Alamosa Republicans scrambled to do damage control, which included an apology on Facebook complete with focusing the blame on a single individual in the hopes that people won’t blame the party.

“Hate has no home here. On behalf of the Alamosa County Republicans, and as the Chair of that organization, please accept this apology for the inappropriate and offensive post made on this site on March 30, 2018. The author acted independently and without the concurrence of any other member of the Alamosa County Republicans. The regrettable post was made with the intention of condemning poverty, not persons affected by poverty, and was not meant to insult anyone. However, that occurred, and the author sincerely regrets the post and has offered his resignation from his position with the Alamosa County Republicans, which has been accepted. Actions have consequences.”

Indeed, actions do have consequences, which is why Alamosa Republicans are still getting hammered for the post on Twitter despite it being removed.

The state of Colorado currently ranks twelfth in overall poverty rate according to 2017 statistics.

Eleven percent, or nearly 600,000 Coloradans, live below the poverty line. The state also ranks twentieth in the nation for income inequality. And more women and minorities live below the poverty line than white men.

This tweet could have devastating results for Republicans in Alamosa County, especially since the county has overwhelmingly voted for the Democratic candidate in presidential elections going all the way back to 1916, with the exception of the 1940 and 1996 elections.

It could even hurt Republicans statewide, which could affect national elections since Colorado is often considered a swing state. Forty-three million Americans currently live in poverty, and now all of them know for sure which party hates them. Less than half of America’s poor voted in 2012. Just imagine if that number increases because of this GOP blunder.

But let’s a be honest, it’s not like Republicans have not expressed their disdain for the poor before.

Republicans routinely wage war on food stamps, school lunches, healthcare, and just about any other program that benefits poor residents.

President Donald Trump’s administration has been particularly hostile to poor Americans. Not only has Trump given wealthy individuals and corporations massive tax cuts at the expense of most taxpayers, he has proposed cutting heating assistance for poor people, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions literally wants to send people to prison just for being poor.

So, with this message on Twitter, Republicans are not only saying they hate the poor through their actions, they are now saying it out loud.

The 2018 midterm election in November can’t come soon enough.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.