Paranoid Trump accuses the New York Times of ‘treason’


President Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday evening and accused The New York Times of treason for publishing a story about cyber warfare involving Russia. As HuffPost notes:

Current and former U.S. officials told the Times about the deployment of American computer code into Russia’s electrical power grid and other targets both as a warning to the Kremlin and as a readied strike in case of a Russian cyberattack.

That was all it took for Trump to angrily respond:

The Times, however, pushed back on Trump’s ranting:

The president has repeatedly attacked the media since taking office, often referring to them as the “fake news media” and accusing them of being the biggest enemy of the country. But to toss around the word “treason” when Trump himself said just this week that he would welcome foreign interference in the 2020 election is not just ironic, it’s also incredibly dangerous and irresponsible.

Social media lit up with jibes aimed at the president for his “treason” claim:

Featured Image Via NBC News