Pat Robertson Has Advice For The President

On the 700 Club Monday, Pat Robertson reacted to the news that Paul Manafort had been indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller by doling out some outrageous advice to Donald Trump. Robertson said Trump should just shut the whole investigation down.

In four minutes, Pat Robertson proved that he has no idea what he’s talking about, but he’s not going to let that stand in his way – much like the average Trump supporter.


Yesterday, after the news broke that Manafort had been indicted, Robertson used his platform as a ‘man of faith’ to mix religion with politics in a bizarre mash-up that defies explanation.  He says that Manafort is an “easy target” who is guilty of a mere “technical violation” of the law because he failed to register as a foreign agent.

He mentions massive amounts of money, as though it were an aside. Then quickly moves on to giving his stellar guidance to the Mango Mussolini.

“We cannot have this destruction,” said Robertson.  “I think he has every right to shut Mueller down and say ‘you’ve gone as far as you need to and I have instructed my justice department to close you down.’  He can do it.”


Robertson goes on to make the absurd claim that the investigation has been tainted by the fact that the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded opposition research that alleged connections between Trump and Russia.  He insists that any indictments that result from the dossier must, therefore, be dismissed because they have thus been tainted.

The piece de resistance, however, was when Robertson explained what Trump should do AFTER he shut down the investigation.  He said, “He can grant a blanket pardon for everybody involved in everything and say ‘all right I pardon them all.’  You know.  Case closed.  It’s all over.”