Paul Krugman: Trump supporters know he’s a traitor, but ‘It’s an OK price for the racism’


Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said Friday on Twitter that he’s convinced those who remain loyal to President Donald Trump despite mounting evidence that Trump likely committed treason with Russia do so based on their support of his overt racism.

A BuzzFeed report that broke Thursday evening alleges that Trump told his attorney, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress. If true, Trump could be charged with suborning perjury and obstruction of justice, both impeachable offenses.

But according to Krugman, the latest revelations are merely part of a pattern that many Americans seem willing to accept:

Krugman’s thesis would certainly seem to be supported by tweets sent out by the president Friday morning in which he seemed to suggest that another migrant caravan was headed for Mexico and that some people seeking to enter the U.S. might be Muslims. Take a look:

Trump was elected on a platform of racism, hatred, and fear. Those who continue to steadfastly support him have to own up to the fact that they too are part of the vile discrimination being pushed by this president.

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