Paul Ryan tries to make fun of AOC and gets dealt a giant dose of internet karma

We’ve heard nothing from former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) since he left Congress, and judging by what happened to him on Wednesday, he probably wishes he had remained off the radar screen for a little while longer.

The Hill reports:

“In an interview Tuesday night at the annual dinner for Forward Jainesville, a community organization based in his hometown, Ryan quipped that he thought (Alexandria) Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had ignored his advice while revealing that he had met the New York congresswoman after her election victory last year.

What did Ryan tell AOC? He told her to remain invisible and not ruffle and feathers:

“I talked to her, AOC — everybody calls her AOC … She’s the youngest person now there. I gave her just a few little tips on just being a good member of Congress, new. I don’t think she really listened to a thing I said,” Ryan said, to laughter from the audience.

“Take it easy, just watch things for a while, don’t ruffle any — see how it works first.”

Just the fact that Ryan would see fit to give AOC advice she probably didn’t even ask for, it seems a bit presumptuous of him to offer his thoughts on how to react as a member of Congress.

Not long after Ryan’s comments hit the internet, he got dealt a big dose of social media karma, and we can only hope this will discourage the former Speaker from opening his big mouth anytime in the near future:

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