Pence gets set straight for ignoring the burning of black churches


Vice-President Mike Pence took time on Monday to extend his condolences to the city of Paris as flames engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s too bad he didn’t care enough about three historic black churches that were burned down by a racist right here in the United States to do the same.

An apparently accidental fire severely damaged Notre Dame and shocked the world. The structure remains largely intact, but a lot of history has been lost.

It didn’t long for Pence to comment on Twitter about the tragedy.

The problem is that while Pence claims to be heartbroken over a “house of God” being burned, he did not express similar sentiments after three historic black churches in Louisiana were burned down in act of hateful arson by a racist.

And Twitter users crushed him for his hypocrisy.

Clearly, Pence doesn’t give a damn about a house of God if black people are the parishioners. Notre Dame is a tragedy, but it was an accident. The three churches in Louisiana were intentionally burned down in an act of hate. That’s far more of an affront to God and Christianity. And a supposed “Christian” like Pence should not only understand that — but also should acknowledge it.

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