Mike Pence Says Trump Bears No Responsibility At All For Actions Of MAGA Bomber

Despite that fact that accused MAGA bomber Cesar Sayoc was a devoted acolyte of President Donald Trump and covered his van with photos of the president, Vice President Mike Pence said Friday that Trump bears zero responsibility for possibly using language which may have incited Sayoc to mail over a dozen bombs to Democratic political figures and CNN.

Speaking to ABC News during a campaign swing in New Mexico, Pence was asked by reporter Tara Palmeri if the president had to accept “some responsibility for the bomb scare. Pence replied:

“No, not at all.

“And neither did Bernie Sanders bear any responsibility when the Illinois man opened fire at a Republican baseball practice.”

The vice president then added:

“Look, the reality is the people responsible are the people responsible. And what the president and I stand for, and I think every American stands for, is that threats or acts of political violence from anyone, anywhere, for any reason should not be allowed.”

When Palmeri asked Pence about Trump’s remarks last week at a rally in Montana where the president praised a Republican member of Congress who physically assaulted a reporter, Pence tried to suggest that Trump had only been making a joke:

“Well, I mean, clearly the president was joking in Montana. And I think the president and I both are frustrated from time to time with the fact that many in the media focus on the negative and don’t tell the whole story of what’s happening all across this country. … And I think the president’s fully within his rights to call on the media to present a more balanced picture. But look we believe in a free and independent press.”

Pence then claimed that President Trump has nothing but noble motives no matter what he says or does:

“I think most Americans understand this president, they understand his heart. And I really do believe that. I really do believe that people understand that those who engage in threats are acts of violence are the people that are responsible for it. But that being said, I think you will continue to hear the president call for greater unity in this country. And I think we’re seeing greater unity already.”

While Mike Pence may claim to be a Christian, the very fact that he so ardently defends a man as immoral as Donald Trump suggests that his own soul is badly compromised. Pence, much like Trump, worships power. Nothing else matters.

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