PA Supreme Court Releases A Less Gerrymandered Congressional Map

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court released a new, un-gerrymandered congressional map on Monday. The updated map means a fair race for Democratic candidates across the state, particularly in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the upcoming midterms.

A New Map For A Blue Wave

In excellent news for Pennsylvania voters, The Hill reports that the new map will go into effect in time for the May 15 primaries. Currently, Pennsylvania’s congressional map is considered one of the most heavily gerrymandered in the country, in favor of Republicans. The GOP holds 13 of the state’s house seats in comparison to five held by Democrats.

Image By Pennsylvania Supreme Court Via NPR

Similarly gerrymandered maps in states like North Carolina aim to suppress the Black vote – as proven in the case of the recent Senate race in Alabama, where Black women carried Democratic candidate Doug Jones to victory – Republican candidates tend to lose when voters of color turn out.

Following a year of chaos from the Trump administration, attacks on America’s working class, those who rely on food stamps and government-subsidized health insurance, and entire communities of color, a blue wave is expected to overtake the House and Senate in the upcoming midterms. A fair congressional map will only make the race harder for Republican candidates.

A Step In The Right Direction

Former Attorney General Eric Holder celebrated the ruling:

“This new map will finally allow Pennsylvanians the opportunity to choose their elected officials and have a congressional delegation that more accurately reflects the political desires of the people.”

Republicans upset that they now have to compete in fair elections, are expected to challenge the ruling in court by arguing that only lawmakers and governors have the authority to redraw congressional maps.

Pennsylvania’s Governor, Tom Wolf (D), said that the decision had the potential to:

“…Remedy Pennsylvania’s unfair and unequal congressional elections.”

Unfortunately, the map will not apply to the special election happening to replace former Rep. Tim Murphy (R) who resigned last year after reports surfaced that he encouraged a woman with whom he had an affair to have an abortion.

And although President Donald Trump carried Pennsylvania in the 2016 election, special elections since he has taken office proved that even in red states, Americans decided that progressive candidates hold their best interests at heart. With Pennsylvania’s map renewed, prepare for a wave of blue.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.