Philandering President Trump Is Trying To Bring Back Abstinence-Only Education

Feature Image via Pixabay

In what can only be described as bizarro-world hypocrisy, our philandering and thrice-married president who cheated on his pregnant wife with a porn star is reportedly resurrecting abstinence-only education.

Former President Barack Obama, being a realistic and intelligent President from the modern-era, removed federal funding for abstinence-only training. But now that Christofascist like Vice-President Mike Pence is in charge, it looks like the hilarious failure is coming back and that has socially backward conservatives at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) all gitty.

We definitely are seeing a shift,” said Kelly Marcum, a government affairs legislative assistant at the Family Research Council in Washington, which supports abstinence-only education. We’re really excited to see that the administration is giving some tools back to us to keep pushing that fight.

The Trump administration intends to release its first report early this summer as part of a $10 million research project searching for ways to improve sex education programs, with a focus on the impact of “sexual delay.”

Notwithstanding the monumentally flagrant hypocrisy of a philandering president who brags about grabbing women’s vaginas, abstinence-only sex education simply doesn’t work (See Bristol Palin). A slew of studiesexperts, and anecdotal accounts have shown this to be irrefutably true.

Yet this administration wants to waste federal dollars on a failed program simply to cater to intolerant and socially backward evangelicals. Trump could obviously care less about the existence of abstinence-training, so this clearly has Mike Pence’s creepy thumbprints all over it.

If the Trump Administration truly gave a crap about this issue, they wouldn’t have cut funding for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative implemented by President Obama, which worked wonderfully. But Trump couldn’t care less about anything that involves policy and simply wants to undue everything decent and effective Obama ever did.

Featured image via Pixabay.