Playboy Reporter Totally Busts Trump In A Big Lie

President Donald Trump just got caught needlessly lying about being inside the Oval Office by a Playboy reporter.

Trump took to Twitter again on Monday to claim that he is in the Oval Office waiting for Democrats to return to Washington to vote on border wall funding.

The problem is that Trump’s claim can be easily verified because all a reporter has to do is look at the exterior Oval Office door to see if a Marine is standing guard, which means the president is in the office.

Playboy reporter Brian Karem did just that after Trump’s tweet and discovered that there was not a Marine to be found outside the door, thus catching Trump lying once again.

This is yet another example of Trump needlessly telling the American people a lie. He could have just written that he’s inside the White House and the tweet would have been accurate, but he chose to lie instead.

Other Twitter users also called Trump out for lying about his location.

In the two years since Trump has taken office, he has told an astonishing 7,644 lies as of December 30th. Now we can add one more to the list.


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