POLL: Americans Believe Pelosi And Schumer, Were Not Swayed By Trump’s Wall Address


The poll results in the wake of President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address are in, and most Americans oppose his wall and believe Democrats more, making him and Republicans big losers.

Trump delivered the speech last Tuesday in a desperate effort to turn Americans against the Democrats in defense of his border wall demands, spouting lie after lie.

Afterward, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) delivered a fact-filled rebuttal defending their opposition to Trump’s wall and pointing out that he’s the one who took ownership of the government shutdown.

Well, the American people have spoken, and the overwhelming consensus is that Trump is a liar and he should not get his useless wall.

According to the Quinnipiac poll, 63 percent of Americans oppose shutting the government down over the wall and support the Democratic proposals to re-open the government without wall funding.

Furthermore, a whopping 56 percent blame Trump and the GOP for the shutdown, a clear rejection of Trump’s efforts to shift blame to the Democrats after he had already accepted the blame during a televised Oval Office meeting last month.

Adding insult to Trump’s injured ego, Americans believe Pelosi and Schumer more than him and hardly anybody actually changed their mind about the wall.

American voters believed Pelosi/Schumer more than Trump 46 – 36 percent, including 48 – 33 percent among independent voters.

Only 2 percent of voters say the TV address changed their mind, while 89 percent say it did not change their mind about building the Wall.

Furthermore, Americans rejected every argument Trump made for his wall and rebuked the idea of a wall entirely.

Voters remain solidly opposed to a wall on the Mexican border, 55 – 43 percent, and reject every argument for the Wall. The 55 – 43 percent opposition compares to 54 – 43 percent opposition in a December 18 survey, just before the partial government shutdown.

American voters are negative in every question about the wall, saying:
59 – 40 percent that it is not a good use of taxpayer dollars;
55 – 43 percent that the wall would not make the U.S. safer;
59 – 40 percent that the wall is not necessary to protect the border;
52 percent say the wall is against American values as 41 percent say the wall is consistent with American values.

This is a disastrous poll for Trump and the Republican Party. It appears that Americans are even more solidified against the wall and blame Trump for the shutdown than ever before. This means fact-checkers did their jobs, and Americans listened to them.

It’s now time for Trump and the Republicans to give up this wall fight and agree to end the shutdown by passing bills offered by the House with a veto-proof margin to force Trump to sign them into law.

Sure, his base will be pissed, but it’s better to piss off a few extremists than it is to further enrage the majority of Americans. The shutdown over Trump’s wall has already caused lasting damage that voters will remember in 2020, when Republicans stand to lose the Senate and the White House. At this point, they can only bring this fiasco to a quick and quiet end in the hopes that some will forget about it once the topic is removed from the news cycle.

Trump is going to have to admit defeat, however, and the poll numbers will only get worse for him if he refuses. The American people have spoken. He had better listen.

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