New Poll: Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Trump To Seek Reelection

In just a year, President Donald Trump has fired practically everyone in his cabinet; started a trade war; scrapped every major accomplishment from former President Barack Obama; endorsed a child molester; started a gangster rapper beef with a nuclear-armed communist nation; destroyed every single presidential norm and the behavior that comes with being president; sided with neo-nazis; is being sued by a pornstar and two other women for an alleged affair; and possibly colluded with a hostile foreign country.

So it’s really no wonder he has the lowest approval rating of any modern president after their first year. All of this has America re-thinking his running for reelection.

Assuming he survives the Mueller investigation, doesn’t resign, or doesn’t get us all killed, then President Trump may want to reconsider running for reelection in 2020.

A new poll found that a majority of Americans don’t want President Donald Trump to run in 2020. Fifty-four percent of respondents said they didn’t want Trump to run again, with a mere 28 percent wanting him to. Making matters worse, a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey put Trump’s approvals at just 43 percent, a historic low compared to his predecessors at this point in their presidency.

On average, that places Trump some 15 points behind the 58 percent rating of his recent predecessors at the same 14-month stage in their administrations. Notwithstanding his enormous unpopularity and complete and utter destruction of every government agency and norm, Trump appears to have every intention of seeking re-election. He already announced he has already hired his 2016 digital director, Brad Parscale, to run his 2020 campaign.

The fact remains that Trump lied to American voters nearly 2,000 times and then doubles down by calling the news “fake” every time they quote Trump in his own lying words. So it’s really no wonder the majority of Americans don’t want to see this three-ring circus any more than they have to.

Featured image via YouTube Video.