POTUS starts MLK Day by bragging about himself


President Donald Trump finally got around to honoring Dr. Martin Luther King on MLK Day Monday, but not before he bragged about himself first.

Trump could have begun the day by marking MLK Day, the day in which our nation recognizes civil rights icon Martin Luther King for his struggles and sacrifices for social and equal justice in America.

Instead, Trump waited for hours before tweeting, and it was all about himself and an attack on former President Barack Obama.

Seriously. Trump began MLK Day by attacking the first black president, the crowning achievement of King’s legacy, all while bragging about himself the day after Vice-President Mike Pence compared him to King during an interview on CBS Sunday.

The fact is, however, while some manufacturing jobs are being created, it’s in industries that were already on the rise. Furthermore, many manufacturing jobs have been lost since Trump started his reckless trade wars, including Harley-Davidson, Ford, General Motors and a manufacturing plant in Iowa among many others. Many of these companies are American staples that are now struggling to deal with Trump’s costly tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Also, manufacturing jobs were already coming back starting in 2010 during the Obama administration and continued through the end of his presidency and into Trump’s first term. Just like lower unemployment and other good economic statistics, this stat Trump is boasting about is just a continuation of Obama’s economic accomplishments.

Only after bragging about himself and attacking Obama did he finally observe MLK Day.

This should have been the first tweet Trump posted, but as usual, he had to make the day about him.

Twitter users were outraged.

Trump would have been better off just staying away from Twitter today.


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