President Bullies Alabama Voters With Robocall

President Donald Trump recorded a robocall in support of Roy Moore, making it clear that the Republican Party is truly the party of pedophiles.

Moore has been accused of sexual assault by eight women, one of whom was only 14-years-old at the time.

The Alabama GOP Senate candidate refused to drop out of the race despite calls from many Republicans to do so.

Even the White House had initially condemned Moore.

And then Donald Trump returned from Asia only to declare that sexual predators support each other.

On his way to Mar-a-Lago for a Thanksgiving golf outing, Trump told reporters that he needs Moore in the Senate and went on to trash Democrat Doug Jones, stopping just short of a full-throated endorsement.

Then Trump attacked Jones again on Twitter in support of Moore without saying his name.

Then Trump endorsed Moore by name earlier this month.

During his recent rally in Pensacola, Florida, which shares a media market with Alabama, Trump urged voters to support Moore.

And now, Trump has recorded a robocall that will debut in Alabama on Monday.

According to Reuters:

On Monday, the eve of the election, the Moore campaign was scheduled to roll out a “robo-call” with Trump’s voice telling voters that if they do not support the Republican candidate, progress on his agenda will be “stopped cold.”

Basically, Trump has done everything he can in support of Roy Moore except campaign for him in Alabama physically. Americans should be disgusted. And Republicans should be ashamed of themselves.

Featured Image Via YouTube screenshot.