President Obama’s tribute to Michelle is exactly what we all need for Mother’s Day 2019

If by chance you decided to look at President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed today, Mother’s Day, you won’t see a single mention of or kind words for his wife, Melania, who just so happens to be the mother of his youngest child, Barron. Just the fact that she puts up with the unhinged little man who currently serves as president is something he should acknowledge.

Instead, Trump is still whining about the Mueller investigation and how Democrats have tried to undermine his presidency, as if he needed any help in that department considering that he hasn’t accomplished anything other than a tax cut for the rich since he took office.

But think back for a moment. Remember when we had a kind, decent, intelligent man in the Oval Office? It’s on a day like today that we really miss Barack Obama, and he proved what a truly great man he is with this Facebook posting he sent out to the love of his life, Michelle Obama:

The former First Lady also paid tribute to her mother:

Thousands also honored Mrs. Obama on social media:

Featured Image Via ABC News