This Presidential Candidate Leads Trump By 10 – You Will Never Guess Who

Featured Image: screenshot via abc news

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings are at a historic low. In what was largely a referendum on his presidency thus far, the Democrats nearly swept Republicans in elections on Tuesday.

Democrats took the Governorships in both Virginia and New Jersey, and in Virginia, Democrats flipped at least 14 Republican seats in the House of Delegates, from red to blue.

It should come as no surprise, then, that preliminary polls targeting a presidential bid between the current President and a Democratic rival would prove positive for Democrats.

While a Democrat being ahead of the Twitter President is not a shock, a current poll Politico/Morning Consult released provided relatively surprising results.

The poll found that not only are people more interested in voting for the Democrat but that they also aren’t particularly concerned with who that Democrat is. People are so fed up with Trump that they will vote for any Democrat over him.

The poll puts a generic 2020 Democratic presidential candidate against President Trump. The generic candidate leads Trump by 10 points according to the poll released on Thursday.

Of the 1,990 surveyed voters who were polled between October 26-30, 46 percent chose the unidentified generic Democrat over the President. Only 36 percent of respondents chose to cast their vote for President Trump. Of those polled, 18 percent said they were undecided.

Of those who identify as independents, more chose the unidentified Democrat. Forty percent of independents chose the Democrat while 30 percent opted to give Trump another term.

Of those who voted for Trump in 2016, 8 percent said they would not support him in 2020, favoring the unidentified Democrat. The majority of those polled who voted for Trump in 2016 said they would vote for him again; 76 percent said they would vote for him against the unidentified Democrat in 2020.

Democrats hope to translate the frustration and anger with Trump, and the momentum shown in Tuesday’s election into wins for Democrats in the 2018 midterms. The entire House of Representatives and many Senators are up for re-election in 2018.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via ABC Video.