Putin Goes Full Anti-Semite In Effort To Suggest Russia Didn’t Meddle In 2016 Election


What we know about Russian President Vladimir Putin suggests that he’s a disgusting person who is utterly devoid of decency or humanity.

But Putin just hit a new low with comments he made during an interview with Megyn Kelly of NBC News.

During the contentious interview, Putin got defensive when Kelly suggested that Russia had interfered in the 2016 American presidential election, telling her:

“Why have you decided the Russian authorities, myself included, gave anybody permission to do this?”

Borrowing a page from his country’s pogrom-stained past, Putin tried to place the blame for 2016 elsewhere:

“Maybe they are not even Russians but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked; maybe they have dual citizenship or a green card; maybe the US paid them for this.”

What Putin conveniently ignores is the fact that every American intelligence agency and numerous nations around the world have traced the bots, trolls, and social media disinformation campaigns directly back to the Kremlin.

While he was at it, the Russian leader also borrowed some lines from President Donald Trump:

“Could anyone really believe that Russia, thousands of miles away… influenced the outcome of the election? Doesn’t that sound ridiculous even to you?”

No, it doesn’t sound ridiculous at all, especially since all of the evidence points to Russia and others allied with Putin, Russian oligarchs, and the mafia figures the Russian president does business with.

What’s even more troubling is the fact that the Trump administration still refuses to enforce the sanctions passed overwhelmingly by Congress in 2017 in response to Russian meddling in the election.

Putin wants to blame Jews for his own actions and Trump says there are “very fine people” among neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville, Virginia. No wonder these two are so fond of each other.

Featured Image Via Kremlin.ru