Rachel Maddow blows the whistle on Trump’s latest disgusting move: Deporting the families of U.S. soldiers

As migrant children continue to be separated from their families and placed into internment camps and many immigrants being detained by federal authorities are denied showers, soap, and toothbrushes, the Trump administration has now found a new way to ratchet up their cruelty as it relates to those seeking asylum in the United States: Deporting the families of active duty U.S. soldiers.

On her show Tuesday evening, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow exposed the shameful way President Donald Trump is treating members of the military and their families:

“On Thursday, the Trump administration also floated a new idea on immigration, which is the sort of thing you might, like, cook up in a lab if you were trying to design the most gut-wrenching, merciless designed-to-be-offensive policy, right, that you could possibly imagine. Something that was designed to stoke outrage and show off, you know, cruelty and intentional infliction of pain for people who least deserve it. Like it was a contest for that. This is what you’d submit to try to win.”

What the administration has decided to do is remove all legal protections for the families of those serving our country in the military. As Maddow noted:

“This was the headline at NPR on Thursday: ‘Trump wants to withdraw deportation protections for families of active troops.’ They think that there hasn’t been enough outrage. They’re not getting enough supposedly negative attention for the way they treat immigrants, and so the next anti-immigrant thing they’re floating, and they floated it right as the Democratic presidential candidates were getting to the debate stage, I’m sure they were hoping this would be a topic of discussion. Literally, what they’re floating now is deporting U.S. military families, deporting the family members of active duty serving U.S. troops. How do you like that? Does that get you mad?”

If that doesn’t make you angry, then perhaps you need to volunteer to go serve in the place of these men and women who are so selflessly protecting you day and night. Let’s see the MAGA faithful agree to go do a tour of duty in Afghanistan or Iraq. Most of them wouldn’t last five minutes before they’d be calling for their mommies and hiding under the bed covers.

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