Rally Speaker’s Story About Roy Moore Will Blow Your Mind (Video)


In other unbelievable news from the right, a rally speaker in support of Senatorial candidate Roy Moore told a story about Vietnam designed to quell any rumors about Moore’s predilection for young girls.

In reality, it might just win most disgusting speech of the week.

Bill Sailing stood in front of Moore’s supporters this week and told a story about Moore’s visit to a brothel in Vietnam that just so happened to feature child prostitutes. According to Sailing, they were merely going out to a private club for a few beers, and they were utterly SHOCKED at what they saw when they walked through the door.


According to Sailing, he and Moore were going out for drinks with a friend who was leaving Vietnam the next day. The three men arrived at the brothel, and if Sailing’s story is true (Come on), Moore was horrified.

Initially, Sailing said to the crowd, “I could tell you what I saw but I don’t want to.”

Except then Sailing continued on to do that very thing.

“There were certainly pretty girls. And they were girls. They were young. Some were very young,”

And he said it to a giggling audience.


Sailing says that Moore’s reaction to the sight was immediate and that he wanted to leave.

After deciding to leave the two men hunted down the third guy, the one who was spending his last night there, to tell him of their plans. He handed them the keys and told them he would find another way home and to go on without him. So they left.

Somehow, in his twisted mind, Sailing apparently thought that leaving a grown man in a brothel filled with child prostitutes was a commendable thing. As if anyone needed more proof the Republican party has lost its way.


Sailing wants everyone to believe that Moore, who stands accused by eight women of inappropriate sexual misconduct when they were teens, turned his back on a veritable treasure trove of young girls. Even if that were true, the fact remains that any other human on the planet would be held complicit for leaving the third man behind, at least.

Not if you’re a member of a Republican party, apparently, anything goes these days, as long as they aren’t a Democrat.

Featured Image Via YouTube Video.