Rand Paul, Liz Cheney trade barbs to see who can be the biggest Trump suck up

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) are involved in a Twitter feud that’s getting nastier with each posting on social media. Their goal? To prove which one is the biggest sycophantic suck up to President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Cheney dug deep into one of Trump’s old tweets when Paul was seeking the GOP presidential nomination in 2016 and had a bad debate performance:

That sharp-elbowed posting was apparently in response to one Paul had made earlier in the day in which he accused Cheney of being engaged in “NeverTrump warmongering” for laudatory comments she had made about just-ousted National Security Adviser John Bolton:

And then Paul doubled down on his tweet during an appearance on CNN, commenting:

“They want to stay in Afghanistan forever, they’re apologizing for John Bolton, they love John Bolton. Really they’re part of this foreign policy swamp that has been trying to undermine President Trump.”

All of this rancor appears to have begun on Wednesday, the 18th anniversary of the terror attacks on the U.S. Paul tweeted out that “endless wars” like Afghanistan needed to end:

Cheney took offense, suggesting that the Kentucky Senator had “forgotten” about 9/11:

At one point, even Rand Paul’s chief strategist Doug Stafford joined the bickering, claiming that President Trump “loves” the senator:

So far, Trump hasn’t said anything in response to the internecine Twitter warfare between Paul and Cheney, and considering his own attacks on anyone who disagrees with him in the least, he probably shouldn’t.

Featured Image Via MSNBC