Rand Paul Roasts Trump In Epic Festivus Grievances On Twitter


Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had some grievances to air on Twitter for Festivus this year, and President Donald Trump really should have read them before singing Paul’s praises on his own Twitter feed.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump quoted Paul’s praise of his action to withdraw American forces from Syria, a move that will likely result in Middle East chaos and a revived ISIS:

Earlier that day, however, Paul had mocked Trump and members of his administration on Twitter:

And he began by mocking Trump’s firing of his staffers and his inability to fill the vacated positions.

He also mocked how Trump fires people for perceived slights against him.

Paul then took at shot at Trump’s inability to keep his mouth shut.

Then he mocked Jared Kushner:

But Paul saved his best grievances for Trump’s border wall, which is Trump’s reason for shutting down the government.

Trump apparently did not see Paul’s mockery of him and his administration before quoting him in order to brag about himself, Once he does, however, it won’t be long before Trump attacks him. You know, because nobody makes fun of the dictator and gets away with it.

Featured Image: Wikimedia