Religious hypocrite Mike Pence gets the scorched earth treatment


Vice President Mike Pence goes on and on about how he’s an evangelical Christian who practices “Christian” values, but a columnist for the New York Times was having none of it when he went scorched earth on President Donald Trump’s top lackey.

Pence has stood by Trump despite his clearly un-Christian behavior, as have many conservative evangelicals. In fact, no matter what Trump says or does, they continue to support him, even when what he is saying or doing absolutely conflicts with Christian morality.

And that’s why Christianity is on the steep decline as more and more young people reject the church.

It’s not the first time people have abandoned religion in droves when it became corrupt and hypocritical, as New York Times columnist Timothy Egan explained in an op-ed this week.

But it didn’t take long for him to put Pence in the hot seat for his own hypocrisy.

“Vice President Mike Pence wears his faith like a fluorescent orange vest,” Egan wrote. “But when he visited the border this summer and saw human beings crammed like cordwood in the Texas heat, that faith was invisible.”

Indeed, Pence could have condemned the human rights abuses on the border and the terrible treatment of children in the detention camps, but he defended them even though the Bible is clear that we are to take care of migrants and love one another.

Egan went on to slam Pence for being just another sycophant who is letting Trump get away with being horrible.

Pence is the chief bootlicker to a president who now sees himself in messianic terms, a president who tweets a description of himself as ‘the second coming of God.’ As hard as it to see God Part II boasting about grabbing a woman’s genitals, paying hush money to a porn actress, or calling neo-Nazis ‘very fine people,’ millions of overtly religious Americans believe in some version of Jesus Trump, Superstar.

It’s true. Trump really did compare himself to God, which drew significant backlash, except from Pence and evangelicals, who remained quiet despite the blasphemy.

Egan then took aim at evangelicals in general.

“White evangelical Christians, the rotting core of Trump’s base, profess to be guided by biblical imperatives,” he wrote. “They’re not. Their religion is Play-Doh. They have become more like Trump, not the other way around. It’s a devil’s pact, to use words they would understand. Evangelicals give cover to an amoral president because they believe God is using him to advance their causes.”

“What really thrills them is when Trump bullies and belittles their opponents, as counterintuitive as that may seem,” he continued. “Older white Christians rouse to Trump’s toxicity because he’s taking their side. It’s tribal, primal and vindictive.”

“Young people are leaving the pews in droves because too often the person facing them in those pews is a fraud,” he concluded. “They hate religion because, at a moment to stand up and be counted on the right side of history, religion is used as moral cover for despicable behavior.”

Of course, evangelical Trump supporters don’t care. They will continue supporting Trump no matter what. They sold their souls when they voted for him, and they won’t seek redemption by turning against him. It’s too late for that anyway. The damage has already been done and regardless of how hard they pray, the only thing waiting for them in the afterlife is eternal flames and suffering. Because there is no way they can defend turning their backs on Jesus in favor of the Antichrist. And that goes double for Pence.

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