REPORT: Mike Pence complicit in Trump’s Ukraine extortion plot


President Donald Trump’s scheme to force Ukraine to dig up dirt on former Vice-President Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 Election has now ensnared Vice-President Mike Pence as his own words to reporters betrayed him earlier this month.

A whistleblower complaint surrounding a phone call Trump made to Ukrainian President Zelensky back in July continues to be hidden by the Trump administration along with the transcript of the call.

That’s because the nature of the call is corrupt as hell because Trump literally demanded Ukraine interfere with the 2020 Election on his behalf in exchange for military aid the country needs to defend itself against Russia.

The scandal warrants impeachment, which would mean Pence would become president. However, it appears that Pence himself not only knew about the scheme, but he also participated in it.

On September 1st, during a press conference in Poland, Pence was asked about the scheme by a reporter.

“I wanted to ask you about your meeting yesterday with the Ukrainian President and for an update on Ukrainian security aid money,” the reporter began. “Specifically, number one, did you discuss Joe Biden at all during that meeting yesterday with the Ukrainian President? And number two, can you assure Ukraine that the hold-up of that money has absolutely nothing to do with efforts, including by Rudy Giuliani, to try to dig up dirt on the Biden family?”

Pence, of course, denied that he had discussed Biden specifically. But, he did discuss Trump’s desire for Ukraine to investigate “corruption” and that the financial aid Ukraine wants depends on their “progress” and Pence’s report on that progress.

“Well, on the first question, the answer is no,” Pence said. “But we — with President Zelensky yesterday, we discussed — we discussed America’s support for Ukraine and the upcoming decision the President will make on the latest tranche of financial support in great detail…As President Trump had me make clear, we have great concerns about issues of corruption…I called on him to work with us to engage our European partners to participate at a greater level in Ukraine, and also told him that I would carry back to President Trump the progress that he and his administration in Ukraine are making on dealing with corruption in their country.”

It certainly looks like Pence is complicit in Trump’s scandal, and that means he should be impeached as well along with any other Trump official who knew about it or has tried to help him hide it. Using taxpayer dollars to extort a foreign nation into investigating your top political challenger is a crime. In fact, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld says it amounts to treason punishable by death. That’s how serious this is, and it’s why Congress must impeach both Trump and Pence.

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