Republican attacks Jimmy Carter in defense of Trump and gets trounced for it


Former Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) once again proved how much of a flake he is on Friday by daring to attack former President Jimmy Carter in defense of President Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, Carter suggested that Trump is an illegitimate president because the Russians helped get him elected, which is the truth because the Mueller report clearly shows that Russia systematically interfered with our democratic process in 2016 by hacking the DNC and Clinton campaign and by flooding social media with vile propaganda.

“He was put into office because the Russians interfered,” Carter said.

Asked if that means Trump is illegitimate, Carter replied:

“Based on what I said, which I can’t retract.”

Again, he’s telling the truth, but Jeff Flake threw a hissy fit about it.

Funny, I don’t recall Flake coming to former President Obama’s defense when Republicans called him illegitimate. Trump literally received help from the Russians to win an election. Had the Russians not meddled on his behalf, he probably would have lost.

Twitter users didn’t let Flake get away with attacking the beloved Carter.

Flake can slither back under the rock he came from now.

Featured Image: Wikimedia