Retired Marine general shreds Trump for claiming he loves and supports the military

A retired Marine general who also served as spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security in the Trump administration says he’s sick and tired of hearing President Donald Trump brag about the “great job” he’s doing for the U.S. military.

General David Lapan saw this tweet that Trump sent out Monday morning:

Lapan responded by accusing Trump of stealing money from the troops in order to build his border wall:

The general has been critical of Trump in the past, too. In November of last year, Lapan accused the president of using military service members as “political pawns” when the president deployed them to the U.S.-Mexico border in response to a caravan of Central American immigrants Trump claimed were trying to “invade” the United States.

Others also pushed back on Trump via Twitter:

Perhaps later today Trump can tell us about all the respect he has for the past presidents, including the one he accused of not being born on the United States.

Featured Image Via CNN