Rick Wiles attacks Right Wing Watch, launches homophobic anti-Semitic rant

Wiles is a Trump supporter
End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles. Screen capture by Right Wing Watch

When Right Wing Watch senior fellow Kyle Mantyla wrote a report on Donald Trump Jr.’s interview with the radical End Times conspiracy theorist and TruNews founder Rick Wiles, he apparently rubbed Wiles the wrong way.

Wiles and his network promote disturbingly anti-Semitic dogma, but despite this, the network is frequently granted press credentials by the White House. But, considering this is the White House of President Donald Trump, this probably shouldn’t come as a surprise.

And it also shouldn’t come as a surprise that Wiles dedicated his program Monday to attacking Right Wing Watch (RRW) with some rather colorful phrases, describing the site as an “anti-Christian hate group” and a tool of the “synagogue of Satan.” He also took the opportunity to attack Norman Lear, who founded RRW’s parent organization People For The American Way (PFAW), describing the famed producer of the landmark television show “All In The Family,” as “an influential member of Hollywood’s Jewish Cabal.”

Wiles also singled out a number of foundations that have contributed to PFAW and couldn’t resist adding that they had been founded by “wealthy Jews.”

“Are you seeing a pattern in where the money comes in to smear TruNews,” Wiles asks in the video clip below. “They may have a lot of Jewish money, but I have the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and I am protected by the blood of Jesus Christ and no weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

In another post for RRW, Mantyla noted that Wiles dogged President Barack Obama while he was in office, declaring he was “demon-possessed,” and a “demon from hell” who “spiritually sodomized the U.S.”

But that’s not all. Wiles went on to claim that Obama was the head of a modern Nazi regime that was capturing “patriotic men,” seizing their homes so that they could be given to illegal immigrants.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Wiles is a Trump supporter from the get-go and has called for the president’s detractors to be “rounded up” and “imprisoned.”

But really, what’s a Trump-supporting, anti-Semitic, End Times conspiracy theorist without a dose of homophobia? I’d be remiss for not noting that one.

Mantyla writes:

“Last year, Wiles asserted that Hurricane Harvey was God’s punishment on the city of Houston for its ‘affinity for the sexual perversion movement’ and declared that the Las Vegas Massacre was carried out by a top secret death squad controlled by a secret world government that is a ‘gay/lesbian Nazi regime.'”

If you’re dubious about whether he said this, you can check this out. And this.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t note Wiles had plenty to say about RRW, accusing the organization of being “Christian-haters.”

“You’re a Christian-hating group, that is what you are. You promote homosexuality, you’re Christian-haters, but that makes you a Christ-hater. At the core of your heart, you hate Jesus Christ, you hate righteousness, you hate God. That’s what drives you. It’s not that you hate me and TruNews — you hate the God that I serve and you’re driven with this passion to denounce God. And who funds you? The synagogue of Satan that has been at war with Jesus Christ for 2,000 years. That’s what this is all about. There is no other story here. It’s the synagogue of Satan against the holy church of God.”

This man would be hilarious if his views weren’t so deeply disturbing, and it’s worrisome that his network gets facetime with the Trump White House and the president’s radical supporters. He truly promotes hate at a time when dangerous fires are already well-stoked.

Featured image by Right Wing Watch