Rick Wilson: As Mueller Moves Closer, ‘Playtime Is Over, And Donald Doesn’t Like It’


With each day, Special Counsel Robert Mueller gets closer to the Oval Office, preparing his final batch of indictments and the report he will issue on just how high the Russia conspiracy reaches, possibly to the president himself.

And that, GOP strategist Rick Wilson notes, is why Donald Trump is more unhinged than usual in his comments and tweets.

In an opinion article he wrote for The Daily Beast, Wilson says Trump can feel his world falling apart:

“As easy as it is to view Trump’s tweetstorms as the rantings of a lavishly paranoid man who’s just discovered the myriad joys of cocaine, his doubling down on absurd ‘witch hunt’ whining is, as always, a tell. As he ratchets up the volume well past 11, you know he feels the heat rising.”

Trump’s entire privileged life, Wilson adds, has been one in which he’s never had to pay a price for his behavior, but those days are long gone with Mueller breathing down his neck:

“Donald Trump, a princeling who was raised in luxury, never held accountable for any of his countless personal and business betrayals and failures, and who literally lived in a golden tower for most of his life, is not good with stress. His rage-tweeting shows us that he knows he can’t juggle all the crises steaming toward him, that he knows his astounding power to distort reality for his followers won’t shield him from the political, legal, and personal perils closing in on him.

“Playtime is over, and Donald doesn’t like it.”

Wilson ends his piece by predicting that the future — and history — will not be kind to Donald J. Trump:

“Even Trump’s most reliable defenders on Fox, Breitbart, and social media won’t be able to spin all of this away. There is no grand unified QAnon theory that explains how all the bad things racing headlong toward Donald Trump have nothing to do with him.

“Pain—political, economic, and legal pain—is coming to Donald Trump, and he’s earned every bit of it. Go long on popcorn stocks.”

The fall of Trump cannot possibly come soon enough.

Featured Image Via MSNBC Screenshot