Rick Wilson has bad news for Trump about the Mueller report


Republican strategist Rick Wilson took Attorney General William Barr to the woodshed for releasing the Mueller report just before Easter weekend, but delivered some bad news to President Donald Trump by reminding him that he’s still being investigated by others.

Barr released the report on Thursday morning, but not before he used a press conference to spin it and make excuses for Trump committing ten instances of obstruction in a damning 400-page report.

Wilson began his op-ed by noting the timing of the release and shredded Barr for being Trump’s protector.

“The idea of the news dump is that no one will be watching (and if they are they’ll hear Barr’s summary again first),” he wrote. “It won’t work this time, but it will mean people who give a damn about the truth of this investigation will be parsing what little we expect to get from a Justice Department head dedicated not to the law or our security, but to protecting Donald Trump’s ample ass.”

Barr’s reputation is in the toilet and Trump is now dealing with the aftermath of the release as calls for his impeachment grow louder. But even if the Mueller report isn’t enough to bury his presidency, Wilson helpfully reminded us that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

“The Mueller investigation has already given us an idea of the scuzzy, sleazy behavior of several of Trump’s close advisers, including Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort,” he wrote. “We’ll see more, and it won’t be pretty.”

In many ways, this 400-page redaction is the tip of a big, slimy iceberg. Mueller was a cagey player from the start, and he likely gamed out scenarios where Trump would try to derail the course of justice. The dispersal of cases out to the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, the Eastern District of Virginia, and the DC US Attorney means he built a legal hydra resistant to interference and decapitation. Those cases are ongoing, and like a minefield, still dangerous to Trump and his cronies.

The wheels of justice grind notoriously slowly, but they grind fine. Sorry, Donald—the game is still on.

So, the Mueller Report is just the beginning of Trump’s legal troubles. There are still multiple federal and state investigations that are ongoing, as well as congressional investigations that will likely result in the release of Trump’s tax returns, which will shed new light on several probes, including Mueller’s. At some point, the weight of these investigations are going to crush Trump, whether it leads to his resignation or impeachment or even his ouster in 2020.

But make no mistake, someday soon, Trump has a shiny pair of handcuffs waiting for him when he exits the White House.

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